Issue #11

I've oftened been asked will I create Test Prep Math level 4. The answer is that level 4 is the SAT.
Issue #11

This issue explains the important part of test prep - actually doing it correctly.

From the Editor
Issue #11 means business

The SAT is characterized by an average level of topical content presented within a framework of extremely challenging complexity. In other words, it's mostly all thinking. The standard approach to studying for the SAT is a list of things to remember and things to do; in other words, remove all of the thinking. What is wrong with this picture?

In this issue I'm going to present the conceptual approach we use to test prep. This approach involves a very small time commitment and a few problems each day. There is no free lunch here - the extrutiatingly torturous nature of this approach is that the child has to work hard, expend mental effort and rely on himself. Solutions are forbidden. It's walking out on a tight rope without a net.

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  1. I have a question about your other blog, but I'm not sure you are still checking there. We are doing the 3/4 Math book that you wrote and he is doing okay through the first 30 except for the ones that say "twice as many as X." I let him flounder for days and nothing. I helped right before tears started. Then he proceeded to not be able to do the next "twice as many as X". I just have no idea how to help here. Any suggestions?