Issue #10

This summer's math program is moving along at a slow but productive pace. We're slowly gearing up for school.
Issue #10

We spent the first half of the summer with projects and outdoor activities. After a brief hiatus, it took exactly 5 minutes of complaining to get back into math practice. We're also looking ahead a few years to college to get the worrying out of the way now.

From the Editor
Issue #10 is all math

Our next big math project is the SAT. As usual, my definition of math arbitrarily includes reading comp. This exercise will be the only test prep we do for the MAP test in 7th grade, but it won't be the only At Home math we do in the next two years. We'll use the same approach we used to crush 2nd grade math in Kindergarten - a few problems a few times a week, mainly incorrect answers. Real learning is both counter-intuitive and magic, as in it magically gets done if you stop trying.

There are two articles in this issue to help those who wish to follow along - one hard skills and one soft skills. Feel free to comment with questions. There are 2 articles on college, one for the budget and one for my favorite resume building activity.

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