Issue #7

This issue explores the topic of math competition from the standpoint of general academic skills. Each article will break down the sub-skills of a state level question...
Issue #7
We kicked off At Home Schooling academic work at age 4. focusing on the core academic skills like reading the question, getting the wrong answer, being baffled and the like. In this issue, I'm going to show how these skills mature in the context of much more difficult problems. Spoiler alert! They don't mature at all. I took these skills from Poyla's seminal work on how to solve high school geometry proofs and Poyla took them from career mathematicians.
From the Editor
Issue #7 has three themes.

We're getting into competitive math. The first theme is roughly 'all competitive math all the time'. In this issue, I'm going to break down how we tackle these problems in the context of higher order problem solving techniques. Only one competitive math website mentions the skill set, and they only mention 4 of the skills. This issue covers foundational skills in anticipation of problem solving strategies.

In this year's Competitive Parent Magazine, I'm going to demonstrate foundational skills, applications to all subjects (not just math), and then delve into advanced solution strategies, not necessarily in any order. The second theme is problem solving strategies. The third theme is application to all subjects. Regardless of the topic, all themes show up in bits and pieces every time we do anything, math or otherwise.

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