Issue #6

In this issue, I'm taking on competitive math for no reason, creating an award winning college resume 4-7 years in advance, and cramming for tests...
Issue #6
We're back to daily At Home Schooling, and it's not only going well, but everybody appears to be having fun. This week we had the last big test before high school. I think everything went fine, but we have 4 months to think about thinks that could have gone wrong.
From the Editor
I made it to issue #6.

In 2011, I started a blog under the rough heading of how I was going to cheat my child into a GAT program, not merely passing the entrance exam, but showing up ready to compete. I had an entire year of writing before the blog was discovered, which gave me the luxury of a series of failed experiments that I have since retracted.

This blog is no different. I've got an 8th grader paving the way; fortunately he wants to go to a selective enrollment school that has some room in the final score. I've got an arsenal of methodology and pedagogy to help, plans B, C, D and E if needed, and a second child to benefit from our experience.

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