Summer camp

Summer camp is in full swing right now. Demand in our particular camp is so fierce that if you don't reserve 15 months in advance, you won't get one.

Summer camp

Our summer camp is in a dairy state that I won't mention. I made the mistake of mentioning the name of this camp a few years ago and it was sold out within a week. It's worse today. A small number of these camps serve the Chicago area. The modest price is worth it many times over. For the record, Michigan has a thriving dairy industry and many camps, so feel free to look there.

The camp is run by college kids who once attended the camp in grade school. During high school, the older kids help, watch and learn. The younger kids appear to have complete independence, including the opportunity to do what they want including pranks. In reality, there are at least 3 pairs of eyes on every kid at all times. All the counselors look really laid back. It's a lie.

Every week, there are pictures of kids doing stuff - sailing alone, riding horses through the lake, taking a zip line, but mainly doing skits and competitions and other fun all camp or cabin versus cabin events. Each day the kids sign up for that day's activities. There are no pictures of kids shooting arrows or guns, throwing axes, or swallowing flaming swords, the type of stuff that my kids sign up for. The kids learn to camp away from the camp, cook, clean, hide like Indians, and fend off mosquitoes. At night, they play cards, tell stories and jokes, and bond.

I am so jealous of the parents of the girl riding the horse through the lake. I only have boys, and neither want to ride horses because it's a girl sport. There is a counselor right near the girl, but it looks much more cool after I photo-shopped out the counselor.

When the boys are not at camp, they have to do summer math and chores. And whatever kids do in the city that's fun.

This is year number 5 for my oldest. The youngest is only on year 2. When they talk about camp, I listen quietly without showing interest or they go all CIA on me and revoke my security clearance. I rank all the things they do including scouts, chores, math, music, etc on the way to successful, productive independent adults who will one day contribute to our world. I think this camp ranks in the number one or number two spot on the list.

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