Issue #4

The summer ended with excessive amounts of camp, traveling and math. Gearing up for the school year by practicing doing hard work..
Issue #4
The second half of the summer is a good time to make your kids work really hard at things they don't have time to do during the school year. Emphasis on 'really hard' work.
Saturday, September 3, 2018
From the Editor
Summer is over. We survived.

This summer was unusual, almost a summer off for the older child. The younger was asked to step it up in the chore department.

Mr. New Teenager went to boy scout camp for a week, then YMCA camp for 2 weeks, then Spain and Portugal for 2 weeks (thanks to relatives and my wife's summer camp buddies from when she was 11). This left very little time for him to progress academicinsanely, but after a brutal 7th grade qualifying year for high school, he is ready for a year off from me, if not permanently off from me. I feel like my job is over until he ends up in trig his freshman year. More on that in the next issue.

The younger one and I had extra time to spend together. He turned 10 this year, which is a good time to take on adult level chores. It's hard being a single parent. He stepped up his game. Experts consider chores to be the foundation of grit and academic success, by the way.

We didn't have much time to tackle academic pursuits. I'm going to add some material to my evolving elementary school algebra, trig and miscellaneous. By the end of the summer, we randomly tackled exponents. I'll save that for the next issue.

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