Issue #3

July 3, 2018 We survived the tests and unleashed the summer academic program. We're taking on a single math field for the first time in 5 years. Eight years after I introduced daily math, I've introduced daily writing.
Issue #3
This issue outlines the summer math program. Math means 'what you have to do before I let you play video games' Between camps and math, there's precious little screen time.
From the Editor
Summer is here. We survived.

The family went to see a movie and left me alone to fend for myself. Here's my fending with fresh mussels.

We survived the big 7th grade test. My 4th grader, who we consider the math genius in the family, tried hard to beat older brother and came close. Older brother wants to write for a living, and younger brother wants to go to Mars, but so far the math guy is a better writer and the writer does better in math.

Normally, the topic of daily math varies from week to week depending on my level of insanity. As an experiment, I am going to focus on Algebra I this summer with child #2. After I disentangle algebra from the topics in an algebra book, we can dig in. This will be the first time one of my kids focused on a single subject in 3 years. Child #1 is going to get nothing but writing.

The last break was 3 years ago. I told the oldest that he could get D's all year. He would never have this opportunity again. He took me up on it, exceeding expectations (he got a C in math, I didn't expect anything but a single B on his report card), and by the end of 5th grade we were working frantically to catch up. This break will be from the normal routine to a different routine, which will be equally hard. But different.